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Lush’s Barbie Collection: Shop the Products

Aug 09, 2023Aug 09, 2023

Published on 8/7/2023 at 7:05 PM

The "Barbie" craze is far from over, and people can't seem to get "Kenough." Whether it's pink hair, Barbie ponytails, or any variation of a bubblegum-hued manicure, mood boards everywhere look like they've gone to Barbieland and back. The latest brand to join in on the fun? Lush Cosmetics.

The beloved bath and body-care brand is launching a 10-piece "Barbie"- themed collection that reclaims and celebrates the color pink as a symbol of empowerment. "'Barbie' continues to push boundaries and doesn't let anyone underestimate her abilities," Melody Morton, the creative concepts director at Lush Cosmetics, tells POPSUGAR. "We imagined what 'Barbie''s self-care routine would look like and created this range, meant to be used and loved by all."

As with all of Lush's products, the entire lineup is cruelty-free, and it also offers "naked" products that don't require any packaging. So whether you're on the hunt for new soaps, bath bombs, or even bubble bars, this collection will help you to indulge in your "Barbie" fantasies while supporting the brand's environmental initiatives.

From jelly masks to a body balm, Lush's "Barbie" collection offers something for every step of your pre- and post-shower routine. Thankfully, you won't have to wait too long to get your hands on the line, as the full range launches on the Lush app on Aug. 9 and in stores on Aug. 10. For those who prefer to shop online, you can expect the "Barbie" partnership to arrive on on Aug. 18.

Ready to revamp your shower routine with all things "Barbie?" Get a sneak peek of the full product lineup ahead.

Lush x "Barbie" Boombox Soap ($10)

Rhubarb and custard are the scents that will greet you once you lather up this soap. It's also made with organic cocoa butter to leave your skin soft, supple, and Barbie-approved.

Lush x "Barbie" Bubble Bar ($11)

Bubble bars are already super fun to have in your tub, but a "Barbie"-car shaped one? Vroom-vroom.

Lush x "Barbie" Bath Bomb ($9)

This B-shaped bath bomb will leave your water pink, while hydrating your skin with organic cocoa, coconut cream, and shea butter.

Lush x "Barbie" Body Balm ($14)

Get the doll skin of your dreams with this luxuriously crafted balm. Infused with chocolate-scented ruby cocoa and shimmers, you'll be smelling — and looking — like a snack.

Lush x "Barbie" Dream Sugar Scrub ($15)

There's nothing like exfoliating your entire body during a nice long shower. Add some sparkle — literally, there is shimmer in this formula — to your routine with this citrus-scented scrub.

Lush x "Barbie" Handbag Soap ($10)

Who is Barbie without a purse? Exactly. Add this soap to your lineup, and you'll be smelling (and dressing like) like everyone's favorite protagonist, thanks to its rhubarb-and-custard-scent profile.

Lush x "Barbie" Heel Soap ($10)

Another "Barbie" staple is her heels. This soap emulates one of the character's most-prized possessions: her shoes.

Lush x "Barbie" Jelly Mask ($14)

Planning to watch the "Barbie" movie at home with friends? Add this pink jelly mask to your activities lineup. Calamine powder, rose absolute, and kaolin clay will leave your skin refreshed and ready to stop the patriarchy right alongside Barbie and her girls.

Lush x "Barbie" Pink Shampoo ($32)

This shampoo is infused with marshmallow root, as well as fresh strawberry and lemon juice. Be careful with this one: it may tint very light or porous hair, so rinse it off as soon as you've gotten a good clean.

Lush x "Barbie" Body Spray

Almond essential oil, tonka, and sweet wild orange make up this stunning fragrance that you can dance the night away in.

Lush x "Barbie" Boombox SoapLush x "Barbie" Bubble BarLush x "Barbie" Bath BombLush x "Barbie" Body BalmLush x "Barbie" Dream Sugar ScrubLush x "Barbie" Handbag SoapLush x "Barbie" Heel SoapLush x "Barbie" Jelly MaskLush x "Barbie" Pink ShampooLush x "Barbie" Body Spray